HiBrainy NLU can extract the intent and entities of the input sentence. The service is ready to be deployed in commercial applications and can scale with enterprise quality and performance.
It Supports Persian language Now.
Users says a request in millions way but HiBrainy NLU can understand them by using NLU algorithms.

HiBrainy NLU domains include


Transfer Money

I want to transfer 300 dollar from my sister's credit card into 6528567812345678
I need to send 20 dollar from my credit card to my sister's credit card


show available balance on my credit card !
check available balance on 5256100020003000 !



what is the weather like in Paris in tommorow?
what's the weather forcast for sunday?
When is the sunset tommorow in London?
What's the temperature in SanFrancisco?


Buy Top Up

Please recharge my sim card 15 euro lyca charge using PayPal? ?
Rechage 0690xxxxxx number 15 euro ?

Car Control

Car Control

Trun on AC please
Lock back row doors
Open all passenger windows
Turn off lights



Tell me about France
Who is Barack Emmanuel Macron ?
Look up biggest carnival



What's the time difference between Tehran and Paris ?
What is the date today ?



Where is the nearest park in this area?
How far is it from Paris to Lyon?
What's distance from Paris to Lyon by bus?

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