Liveness Detection

PresentID Facial liveness detection can recognize the person in front of the video is real or fake. It can detect if the user is physically present and prevents masks,photos, or video deepfakes to fool the system.We use convolutional neural network (CNN) deep learning algorithms to prevent fraud.

We use combination of biometric authentication algorithms such as face, voice, Eye , head detection & tracking to have a highest accuracy to prevent fraud.

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Ability & Potentials:

0.00005 FAR, 6% FRR
We proccess video frames & it takes 2-5 seconds in client side & Less than 1.5 seconds on the server side with a core i7 cpu.
CPU based server side
Android, IOS and Web client SDK
Verify 3-Dimentionality
Verify identity
Great with glasses, makeup & beards
For all modern smart devices & webcams

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