About Us

We are a French innovative Deeptech startup supported by StationF(the largest startup incubator in the world) with strong track record of performance and strong expertise in providing powerful total solutions of Identity authentication using combination of Voice,Face and ID Card OCR. We provide a comprehensive scalable Identity authentication web platform.

No shortcuts or third-party providers.
Our technologies has been built all in-house.

In order to keep our solution competitive in the market, we combine all biometric technologies including Image, Video and Voice processing to authenticate a user. This can lower the risk of fraud and makes the platform user friendly.

Our technologies are accessible via APIs and SDKs easily.
Moreover, we provide our solution on your private cloud.

We are not a team, but a 10 year old family of experienced senior AI professionals. Our team-family have been cooperation together for more than a decade in global standard projects in digital & Online platforms. They were participated in neo-banking platforms & top secure projects worldwide.

After being nominated among 6 percent of candidates to enter Station F of Paris, we have been successfully approved to enter the biggest Startup campus in the world.