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You can add Text To Speech, Speech Recognition, Natural Language Understanding, Face Recognition and Optical Character Recognition API to your app.
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HiBrainy Raised €600K
HiBrainy has been selected among 400 startups as a semi-finalist for the female founder challenge in Vivatech exhibition.
HiBrainy OCR launch in Pasargad Mobile Banking APP.
HiBrainy graduated from ycombinator startupschool SUS2018

HiBrainy® Platform

HiBrainy Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform provide users a tool kit to build intelligent applications .HiBrainy® services provide high-quality , high accuracy AI capabilities that are scalable and cost-effiective.These platform combine following technologies:

Text To Speech

You can make any software or hardware talkative.

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Speech Recognition

You can add voice-enabled service to any software or hardware.

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By Chatbot (Language Understanding (NLU)) service you can add various chat bot service to your app.

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By OCR or Optical character recognition service you can extract any text from images.

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Face Recognition

By face recognition service you can recognize any face and add face authentication to your app.

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Diane Personal Assistant

Diane Smart assistant is a mobile app using HiBrainy Speech Recognition,Text to speech and Chat bot.

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HiBrainy works across industries





Travel & Transport

HiBrainy Persian Banking voice smart assistant was launched on Banking App(Sekkeh) of Behpardakhte Mellat which is the largest Middle East PSP.

HiBrainy Credit Card OCR launch in Pasargad Mobile Banking APP. This product detects and scans information such as bank name, card number and expiration date.

We’ve integrated the humanoid Surena robot with our voice assistant. It will be demonstarted in Summer 2019.

HiBrainy Co clip

HiBrainy team preparing to make a pitch video for join STATION F

HiBrainy face verification API can compare 2 faces and return results about how likely it is that the two faces belong to one person.

By face recognition service you can recognize any face and add face authentication to your app.

Somayeh Bagherbeygi speech at iBridges conference in Barcelona

About Us

We’re here to help you build your smart assistant.

Our team is hard-working, passionate and Expert in AI. We could succeed to bring text to speech, Chat bot and face recognition into Iran Banking market. Moreover, the first Persian AI platform for developers is launched by our team.


HiBrainy® services provide high-quality , high accuracy AI capabilities that are Scalable and cost-effective.These platform include following technologies:

We are adding more languages like (Arabic,French,Pashtoo,Dari,Urdu,German) Soon.

Somaye Bagherbeygi
Somayeh Bagherbeygi
CEO & Co-founder
Mehdi Golzarnia
Mehdi Golzarnia
CTO & Co-founder
Hadi Asheri
Hadi Asheri
AI Team Manager
Afshin Sajedi
Afshin Sajedi
AI Core Service Designer
Hossein Shahabi
Hossein Shahabi
Web Developer
Sobhan Mahdavi
Sobhan Mahdavi
Machine Learning Engineer
Roya Jenabzadeh
Roya Jenabzadeh
Machine Learning Engineer
Saeed Hallajian
Saeed Hallajian
Safa Karimi
Safa Karimi
Digital Marketing

Our Advisors

Safa Karimi
Diane Deproit
Development Director BPI Group
Safa Karimi
Anna Marchon
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Location: 67 Rue Jean Jaures 94800 Villejuif, France

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