About Us

We’re leading innovator in deploying Voice assistant, OCR and face authentication services for Banking market.

Our team is hard-working, passionate and Expert in AI. We could succeed to bring AI solutions into Banking & transportation market.

HiBrainy is a French AI company supported by StationF provide high-quality , high accuracy AI capabilities that are Scalable and cost-effective.These platform include following technologies:

  • Text to speech
  • Speech Recognition
  • Natural language understanding
  • Face recognition
  • Credit Card OCR
  • Plate Recognition

We are adding more languages like (Arabic,French,Pashtoo,Dari,Urdu,German) Soon.



Somayeh Bagherbeygi

CEO & Co-founder

Mehdi Golzarnia

CTO & Co-founder

Sobhan Mahdavi

Machine Learning Engineer

Hossein Shahabi

Web Developer

Roya Jenabzadeh

Machine Learning Engineer

Saeed Hallajian


Safa Karimi

Digital Marketing

Afshin Sajedi

AI Core Service Designer

Our Advisors

Diane Deproit

Development Director BPI Group