About Us

Station F

HiBrainy is a Deeptech company supported by StationF(the largest startup incubator in the world) with strong expertise in providing powerful total solutions of Voice, Face, Text meaning, ID/Credit and Car plate recognition across a wide range of industries.

No shortcuts or third-party providers.

Our technologies have been built all in-house

Our advanced machine learning algorithms and Deep Neural Networks provide broad robustness to our high-volume training data. Our technologies are accessible via APIs and SDKs easily.

Our vision is to help businesses to know their customers and support them easily and automatically by combining all technologies we’ve provided to recognize voice, face, text meaning, ID/Credit and Plate.

We believe that to automate all processes, we have to create a machine which can recognize anything like human,

your Face, Your voice, your ID/Credit card, and your car

We offer a comprehensive AI platform for developers to enable their Apps, websites & hardware with voice, face, text meaning, ID, Credit card recognition APIs & SDKs. Moreover, we provide our AI services for enterprises on their private cloud.

Meet our Team

Our founders left their corporate jobs and founded HiBrainy in 2015 with a strong background including 10 years of experience in doing natural language processing projects in top universities labs and Programming in various languages(Delphi,c,c++,…). They have worked together for about 10 years and the core team for about 5 years.

our team has extensive experience and expertise in building highly complex Deep Learning technologies and the passion and execution know-how to bring them to the market. They enjoy the challenge of solving difficult problems.

We care about our culture. At HiBrainy, we value honesty, grit, humility, and performance.